Ashley Veilleux and David Mellen of Yarmouth, Massachusetts got married in September. Or at least they thought they got hitched. They said their vows, exchanged rings, and everything seemed legit. However, according to Mass Live, they were not legally married. It turned out that the minister who officiated their nuptials, 39-year-old James Stern, was a fraud. Stern did not have a license.

But wait… There's more… The Rhode Island impersonator also reportedly stole some of the bridesmaids' credit cards.

Stern has since been arrested for impersonating a justice of the peace and larceny. Theft is only one of the tricks up Stern's sleeve. Yarmouth Police investigators say he has a history of criminal behavior dating back to June 1994, as per Mass Live.

As to what the two lovebirds will do now remains to be seen. We heard a rumor that they plan to redo their vows with a smaller ceremony. Whether or not they will recoup their wedding expenses is also unanswered. But, probably not. To think, this horrible man will be in their wedding pictures and videos, until death do them part.

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