Here in NH, we don't hear of many stories like this one, thank goodness.  If you don't know the story, it's gruesome.

According to Wikipedia, and from what I know about the case, in 1985 the first 55 gallon drum was discovered by some kids playing the woods in Bear Brook park in Allenstown.  The second 55 gallon drum was discovered not far away from that in 2000.  The identities of the four bodies and who killed them took years.  In fact, the case is still open as one of the children in the barrels has not been identified yet.  I told you, it's a gruesome story with a tragic ending.

Last week, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation posted on their Facebook page a detailed background of the murders, including this new news regarding the fourth victim found in the barrels not yet identified:

"Examination of the genetic composition of the child and genealogy research suggests the mother of the child has relatives in Pearl River County, Mississippi. Plausibly, the child and her mother could be descendants of Thomas 'Deadhorse' Mitchell, born in 1836, or William Livings, born in 1826. The unidentified child would be the 5X or 6X great-grandchild of one of these men."


According to a report from the Union Leader, the MBI asked people to upload their DNA to help with the search for relatives.
Although it is very sad to think about the people who died and HOW they died, I am very grateful for the people doing the investigation work on this case.  The least we can do for the victims is to remember their names.  The ones that have been identified so far are, according to wiki: 
Marlyse Honeychurch, 24
Marie Vaughn, 7 years old
Sarah McWaters, 11 months
The unidentified child is female and would have been 2-4 years old at the time of her murder.
In 2020, ABC news did a story about the murders.  You can see part one here.

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