Three cheers for Dave In NH and his latest drone video of Rye, during the peak foliage season. Red leaves, gold sunshine and Pink Floyd. What an amazing combination.

Every single time I watch Dave's videos of the seashore, I can't believe that I've driven by these locations multiple times.

It doesn't look like Route One A to me, it looks more like footage from The British Open.

Some far away nook and/or cranny where the Scotch Highlands meet the Marshs of Nevermore. Or the Swamps of Narnia.

My favorite part of this video is at 4:30, where the small ponds (possibly tidal pools?) are so calm that they look like mirrors cast throughout the orange and green landscape.

This video is yet more proof that I would definitely destroy one of Dave's Mavics if given the chance to fly one. Not on purpose of course.

I can easily picture a drone rocketing 80 mph into a clam flat, buried so deep that only archaeologists would find it, thousands of years from now.

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