The NH Drought Map has been updated and the 'Code Yellow' of abnormal dryness is but a long lost memory.

As the foremost expert on NH Drought Map art, (some would say vandalism), there isn't much you can do with an empty canvas.

I need to be inspired by the swirls of moderate beige and the severe orange polka dots that the summer season brings.

Turning this into an aquarium is a one time only feat. Capturing the exact moment that the treasure chest bubbler flies open to the delight of the Cheshire County sized goldfish?

One can never improve upon perfection.

My attempt at the sequel back in the spring gets an A for effort but the scuba diver really looks like a stick figure with Brady Bunch bell bottoms.

It is fun to look back and see that Mother Nature does follow somewhat of a pattern when it comes to droughts.

As ridiculous as my attempts to mock these maps are, I do like comparing them through the years. I'm glad we live in an area of the country that has a fairly consistent and safe climate.


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