EverDrive is out with their list of the states with the best and worst drivers. Granite State drivers are close to bringing up the rear.


As you'll see below, New Hampshire drivers ranked 46th out of a possible 50, with a couple of other New England states at the bottom of the spectrum.

The business EverQuote held a national online survey to 2,300 licensed American drivers on their driving habits.

The results of the survey indicated that drivers are often unaware of how often they are actually using their phone behind the wheel.

They are also a little oblivious about what it takes to be a safe driver.

Here are the results of the survey:

Top Five States:
1. Montana
2. Wyoming
3. Alaska
4. North Dakota
5. South Dakota
Bottom Five States:
46. New Hampshire
47. New Jersey
48. Pennsylvania
49. Connecticut
50. Rhode Island

In addition, here are some of the findings, according to EverDrive.

- On average, men are 5 percent more likely to speed than women.

- 43 percent of women use their phone while driving.

- 39 percent of men use their phone while driving.

- Men are 11 percent more likely than women to engage in risky acceleration habits.

- Women are 23 percent less likely to make a hard turn than a man.

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