We've been going through quite a dry spell for weeks now and wouldn't you know it? The NH Drought Map is showing 'Abnormal Dryness' in the southwest.


The square shaped pattern of abnormal dryness was too congruent to be spared from my Picasso-like artwork.

My fictitious rendering of this 'Evil Sun' has equipped itself with a brand new magnifying glass that is roasting five NH counties with unimaginable heat.

Hillsboro County is almost entirely besieged with dryness, while the neighboring Cheshire, Sullivan, Merrimack and Rockingham are only getting partially cooked.

Is this the finest bit of artwork I've ever created? Far from it.

However, there are some elements that I'm proud of and I'd like to elaborate upon if I may.

The rays of the sun fall in line with conventional solar depiction, yet, literally underline the 'Intensity' simultaneously.

I must admit, this is a 'happy accident' that most artists only dream about, but they tend to manifest themselves quite often within my delicate brush strokes of Microsoft paint. It's a gift as much as it is a curse.

Also, the menacing face of the sun is very frightening. 94 million miles away? Hogwash.

It's magnitude is absolute as it absolutely hovers over Western Maine and leans in with a devilish grin as we Granite Staters can do nothing more than wait until rain clouds deliver us from this unspeakable fate.

I'm not very pleased with the concave lines that emanate from the magnifying glass, they should be convex, but that's a design flaw that I will overlook and rack up to artistic license.

The next update happens on Thursday morning and there's no rain in the forecast. Can the orange of 'Moderate Drought' be close at hand?

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