The Governor was very candid during our latest interview concerning the Granite State's day to day battle against Covid-19 and even the marital status of NH's most famous epidemiologist.

Governor Chris Sununu via Facebook
Governor Chris Sununu via Facebook

Sometimes I feel like I'm just the opening act for him and he is great, a very smart guy, very level headed, he inspires a lot of confidence.


But I have to tell you, I've had a lot of people texting me asking 'Is he single?'. People have actually texted me, not with concerns of Corona, but with concerns of his dating future.


We've got a great team, the whole team up here in NH is phenomenal, what folks are doing 24/7, a lot of them you'll never see them on TV, you'll never know their names.


We've got a team of a dozen high end managers knocking it out the park, they're on a mission.  It's never, 'We can't do that', it's, "Let's see how we get this thing done". - NH Governor Chris Sununu

I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that at 3:24, The Shark Morning Show gets quite an endorsement from the 82nd Governor of New Hampshire, Chris Sununu.


I must admit, I have been strutting around The Bob Fuller Media Center ever since.

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