It doesn't feel right to be talking about snow in July, but you gotta hear about this story.

According to the Union Leader, a Pembroke man was really, REALLY upset that the plow trucks piled snow in front of his front door.  Apparently, his door is very close to the road.  In Winter of 2015, he left a profanity laced voicemail on the Town Administrator's voicemail.  The Union Leader has this text in their story as his words:

“I got two feet of snow in my ******* front yard! I want Jimmy fired! I want to see somebody fired down there! I want you to ******* fire some ******* plow drivers! You come and look in front of my goddamn house! I am ******* just mad as hell! I want a plow driver fired for this and I want Jimmy’s ******* head on a ******* stick! I’m gonna start shooting these bastards if they keep this up! I will kill every ******* plow driver in this ******* ******* ******* city if they do this one more ******* time! Thank you!,”

Well.... he did say thank you at the end....

He was indicted, convicted and appealed the conviction.  The NH Supreme court was having none of it and he lost.

The Union Leader has the complete story.

Ya know, if I ordered take out and my pizza couldn't get through my front door, I'd be upset too, but......

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