There's going to be lots of snow this winter and if you're going to take Mother Nature on, you're going to need the right equipment. Which brings us to this particular vehicle, spotted in Bridgton, Maine and shared on Reddit by CyberianHuskatron. We're dubbing it the "greatest plow truck that exists in Maine" because, well, just look it.

Reddit via CyberianHuskatron
Reddit via CyberianHuskatron

First off, it's been about a decade since Chrysler stopped producing the PT Cruiser, so the fact that someone envisioned a small MPV turning into a high-powered plowing machine is the kind of imagination we can get behind. But take a closer look at that photo, there's a lot of modding that took place and it really needs to be appreciated.

That sleek looking roof? Not going to cut it in heavy snowstorms. The side of a tin shed seems like a much better option. Crappy front-wheel drive when we're getting hammered by bands of snow? Trash that and let's jack this cruiser up to the sky. Snow banks be damned this bad Larry. Heck, this vehicle would almost be better off mowing down hordes of zombies in The Walking Dead instead banks of snow on rural roads in Maine but not all heroes wear capes.

So behold ladies and gentleman of Maine, this is the greatest plow truck that exists. (unless someone sends us a modded vehicle that is even more awesome)

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