NH Police chief walking off the job in his underwear last night, according to a story from WCAX.  

Croydon, NH is off of 89 in the Lake Sunapee area of NH and to say it's a small town would be very accurate.  In fact, the town only had one police officer, Richard Lee.

This past Tuesday night, the 3 person Select Board voted to eliminate the one-man police department and have the State Police cover anything Police related in Croydon.  Chief Richard Lee, who just lost his job, was asked to return his cruiser, his guns and his uniform immediately.  He took that very literally.

Chief Lee went in to an office, took off all his clothes and turned in everything they asked of him, quite literally, immediately.  It was snowing outside that night, but that didn't stop Lee from walking out in to a snowstorm in his skivvies.

No word on whether he was wearing tighty whities or if he had boxer shorts on.

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