Granite Staters really poured it out and poured it in on New Year's Eve according to Zippia's recent survey. I'm not sure if I am proud or ashamed.

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Perhaps a little bit of both!

The methodology for this survey was quite ingenious as they 'poured over' several Google search trends such as 'Hangover Cures' and 'How to relieve hangover symptoms'.


Upon first glance, I struck a defensive posture and thought, "Hey, this was arguably the worst year in decades, we deserve to tear it up on New Years Eve!" and who better to do that then the glorious land of 'Live Free Or Die'?

Reading through the particulars of the study, I noticed that the window of time was expanded from New Years Eve THROUGH January 4th.


Ok. Then I guess I choose to be satisfied by this and not embarrassed.

I mean, THREE of those days were technically on the long Holiday weekend. AMIRITE?

From a personal standpoint, this was the first New Years Eve that I imbibed since my early thirties. I, like many New Englanders, have made increased trips to the liquor store throughout 'these uncertain times' and there was 'certainly' no way I was going to see in the New Year without at least some high quality spirits in my bloodstream

Although I didn't technically see the New Year in. I was completely zonked by 9:30 and whether or not the drinks that I poured myself in the hours leading up to that event had anything to do with my consciousness.

I will leave the answer up to you.

I did NOT search for any cures on the googler though, THAT I can promise you.

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