He is normally a fixture of the NH Primary political landscape with his fishing boot hat and promises of a free pony for all Americans. In these divisive times, I've been asking myself more and more, 'Where is Vermin Supreme?'

Alt Right Group Organizes A "Straight Pride Parade" In Boston
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I was worried when he was conspicuously absent from both 'Lesser Known Candidates Forums' at St. Anselm last night.

His performance at this event in 2012 went 'hyperviral' garnering 6 and a half million views.

Thankfully, after a quick click of the googler I was happy to learn that his 2020 Campaign is indeed happening. In fact, he's got a pretty sweet new logo and bumper sticker on his official website and he has tweeted from New York City less than a day ago.

I, for one, am relieved that his passions and platforms for better dental care and complimentary ponies for all Americans will still have a place in our Granite State (for at least the next 14 days.)

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