What kind of frozen precipitation causes the most agitation? After much participation, we're surprised that 'Snow' received the most adulation. Thanks Shark Nation!

Winter Storm Brings Ice, Snow, And Rain Through Northeast
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Cold Rain That Freezes Later

I just threw that one in at the end because I needed a fourth option to get a nice even number.

WOW! A pouring, cats and dogs type rain that freezes later is a run away winner (loser?).

Here is Shark listerner Jason with a reason why rain is the most heinous element of the aqua quartet.

In the winter I hate rain above all. It makes ice, mud, the snow on your car ungodly heavy - Jason

In addition to this cogent argument, I have also quoted Jason because he and I were both Class L Football Champions for The 1991 Spaulding Red Raiders. Our semi-final game vs. Nashua featured the coldest rain that I ever remember and I have to think that this was a factor in his voting process as well.

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