You might remember the story about Einstein, the world's smallest miniature horse back when it was first reported by WMUR in 2010.

Little Einstein is the smallest of the small when it comes to horses.  His parents were miniature horses, but Einstein was only 6 pounds when he was born, according to the news station. That’s a miniature miniature!

Born in Barnstead, NH, his owners went on to live in Bellingham, Washington, for the last few years, but he is back in New Hampshire again with his friend Bogart, WMUR reproted.

Charlie Cantrell told that “He’s a little wider than he was (before).  He’s happy and smart and does all the things small horses do.”

The station also reports that Cantrell and his wife, Rachel Wagner, have been busy writing children’s books about Einstein.  The latest one titled “Einstein the Smallest Stallion: Fun on the Farm” is set to be released this week, according to

If you want to learn more about Einstein, the smallest horse, you can follow him on Twitter @EinsteinMini.  He is an explosion of cuteness and to put his size in perspective for you, his Twitter page says “I was the smallest horse ever born at 6 pounds. That would be like a squirrel sized human.”

I really hope my daughter doesn’t read this today because with her love of animals, I know she is going to ask for a miniature horse next.  We’ve been through many hedgehogs, hamsters, gerbils, and now have three cats and three dogs.  She has been hinting at chickens and goats, but one look at Einstein and I think I will be lost.

Einstein is actually not that much bigger than our English Cream Golden retriever.

Check out Einstein in this video below:



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