My headline may be a bit misleading because it's not actually 'disappointment' but if you're like me, The Granite State's favorite condiment will just leave you hungry for more.

Wish-Bone Balsamic Italian Vinaigrette

Yes. According to this recent survey on Thrillist, we New Hampshirites love this particular brand of salad dressing, not more than just any other salad dressing, but more than any other CONDIMENT.

Not a hip hot sauce, or local zingy BBQ sauce. NO. Heinz 57? A-1? NOPE!

I'm sorry but when I think of this I just think of a sad looking homemade salad on a rainy Tuesday night.

Before the fine folks at Pinnacle Foods Inc. have a 'bone' to pick with me, I like Wish-Bone salad dressings and have at least one bottle of their high quality product in my fridge at home.

But as a representative of the rugged 'Granite State', why not something more like their thousand island with bacon?

Oh well.

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