There is a brand new study by Zippia regarding the favorite candy of each American state and the official Shark Morning Show theory is that NH's choice was a mix up with a TERRIFIC local band.

Jumbo Circus Peanuts

Look, I'll admit it. I loved these when I was about 4 years old, then my taste evolved from liking super sweet mush to liking higher quality items such as Baby Ruth and Mike & Ike's.

There are 1.4 million people in The Granite State and I refuse to believe that the majority of us have Jumbo Circus Peanuts as our FAVORITE candy. There's just no way.

My theory is that a certain number of fans of the Seacoast band by the same name 'Jumbo Circus Peanuts', selected this in homage to that swingin' 12 piece band we ALL love.

Their righteous grooves and fantastic brass work are far more delicious than any orange dyed banana flavored chunk of fake marshmallow, AMIRITE?

It's funny to look around the map of the USA and see what other states have chosen.

Another product that was in my Memere's junk drawer, next to the Circus Peanuts, was Dum Dums lollipops and I still love them. It's just amusing to see 'Dum Dums' instead of 'Indiana'.

Not to be left out of any embarrassing labelling, The State of Florida certainly has a great one that (and I say this only because of the countless stupid news stories that it's residents provide me with) fits them to a tee.


I like them too, so, no offense given. Their Mystery Flavor is always a winner.

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