This morning, when I was coming in to work, a driver coming the other way, flashed his/her headlights at me, indicating that I should turn down my "high beam" headlights.  I WAS GETTING TO IT, but it took me a second, literally, to do it.  I don't know why, but that bugged the be-geezus out of me the entire morning.  Maybe it's because I try to be extremely patient with other drivers and when I don't get the same in return, it bothers the heck outta me!  So, this morning, when I got to work, I took a Poll of Shark Nation listeners and here are some other driving pet peeves:

Patricia Woods Murray People who don't know what a yield sign means....
Cathy Galvin People who stop on the on ramp instead of merging in or worse backing up on the on ramp
Charlotte Oliver Winter: People who don’t clear the snow/ice from their cars.
Summer: Tourists who don’t know where they’re going and go 20 mph in a 35.
All seasons: people staying in the left passing lane, forcing you to pass on the right or being stuck behind them.
Michele Buzynski Maggs Not waving thank you and pulling out in front of me when there’s miles between me and the cars behind me
Martha May Fink Drivers who hold up traffic in the left (passing) lane... 🙄 Aghhhh!
Pete Lambert The 'oops I'm in the wrong lane/this is my exit' cut-offs, and people who will speed up to pass you then slow down once in front of you.
Wendell Sanborn as a truck driver there are too many to count.. one of the top ones .. when you turn on your blinker to change lanes and the vehicle behind you speeds up to prevent your maneuver. next would be cell phones and other distracted driving. when there are multiple empty lanes on your left and one lane on your right and folks pass on the right instead of the left ..
April L Furbush Godbout People going less than speed limit!!
Danielle Hills Directionals, tailgating and more!
Carrie Webster When people don’t go when the light turns green and then the light turns red again before others can go 😞
Patti Kelley Oh the YIELD sign and the liberty taken!
Joe Mayo People driving below the speed limit in the no passing zone, speeding up to 10 mph above the speed limit when they hit a passing zone, then slowing back down when it goes back to no passing.
Joan Johnson-crow All of the above!!!
Wendy Goulas People who text and drive! Don’t do it!!
Dave Berry Someone coming from behind in the MERGE lane speeding up to pass!
Jeanette Gagne Holding their cell phones while driving. Invest in the $20 for the Bluetooth and phone mount. It's cheaper than the $500 ticket.
JohnandTerry Connelly Non blinker!!!
Jeanette Gagne People coming into the Portsmouth Traffic Circle from the outside lane, then cutting off everyone who has been waiting patiently in line. It's a matter of time before they cause an accident, screwing up the evening commute for hours.
Nancy Clark-Couture Good one! Pulling out in front of you and driving slow even though no one was behind you 😩
Robert Rudowsky People who text and drive..I BEEP at them..but do not look at them!!
Joseph La Dow People flashing their lights at you to pull over when there is either: clearly no room or a left exit coming up.
Ron Fuller Driving slow on the highway. If your going on the highway Drive highway speeds. Nothing under 65. Stay out of the passing lane unless your passing only no camping out there
Darlene Nardone Not using directionals and unnecessary tailgating.
Grace Girotti People who toss cigarettes out the window
Heather Aviel Novakouski Not using blinkers! And I also get really grumpy when people don't wave thank you.
Vickie Hilton I now drive special needs kids to school so I do a lot of driving. People are so impatient. I have to go the speed limit as I have a GPS tracker. People get so mad if you do the speed limit. They get right on your tail then pass you quickly.
Judy Albano No headlights on in bad weather
Cindy Alling Lund Where do I even start?!?!?!?!?!?
Kimberly Porter People merging into the highway and think the yield sign is for the cars already on the highway.
Sue Pitman People pulling out when they see you coming and you have the right of way!!!
Ron Fuller Folks check your blinker fluid regularly. Then use them!!
Scott H Bornstein Pulling in front of me while going 14 miles an hour slower than I am and/or that son-of -a _____that pulls all the way to the right lane at a red light so he/she can be first to go straight, when you were right there waiting to turn right on red legally.
Edward Whowalker Idiots who don't use directionals
Jimmy Birmingham 1) The non wave is 1000 times more annoying than someone that doesn’t use a blinkah. 2) people who speed up in the lane when your coming into a highway knowing you’re there because your blinkah says so, and 3) when merging from 2 lanes into 1, the person doesn’t follow the ‘zipper’ method and has to try to cut you off at the last minute. I get so annoyed with this person that doesn’t follow the basic rule!!

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