And it's free! I couldn't believe how stunning the star alignment was this morning and after two seconds of research, I discovered they weren't stars at all.

Getty Images With Train Art VIA Microsoft Paint
Getty Images With Train Art VIA Microsoft Paint

Not two, not three but FOUR celestial bodies all aligned at 5AM this morning and I have recreated the exact order as they appeared.

To the left, Saturn, then mighty Jupiter to its upper right and then to its upper right Mars.

Not to be outdone, the current crescent of The Worm Moon , which is waning, was seemingly within arms reach, forming the perfect diagonal alignment.

Obviously I have taken a little license in the artistic rendition of all these but they are four of the brightest objects in the sky and you really don't need much of a vista to catch them for the next few days.

According to folks that are way more tuned into the cosmos than I am, Mars and Jupiter will conjunct on March 20th.

If you're up early, check it out!

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