The Patriots beat the Colts 43-22 Saturday night by running the ball a lot more than they passed it. (How's that for analysis?). The Patriots have now been to 8 AFC Championship Games in the Brady/Belichick era, and three in a row. Here are some highlights from the game.

Once again LaGarrette Blount had himself a game, racking up 166 rushing yards, and 4 TDs. He had almost as many rushing attempts (24) as Brady had passing attempts (25)! It appears as if this Patriots team has reinvented itself, yet again, relying on the run, more than the pass. Obviously part of the reason was not by choice. They've had to account for a complete roster change due to all the injuries suffered on what seemed like a daily basis.

Whatever. Belichick is the greatest. Smartest guy in the room, etc. Having Tom Terrific as QB helps when players on offense get injured, but seeing a defense play the way they did with the players on the field on Saturday night is amazing to me, and a testament to how good of a job Belichick has done.

Props to Jamie Collins. Who? A guy who was all over the field, getting a sack, an INT, and making a highlight reel tackle. "Next man up!" at work.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the injury to Ryan Allen. Not only was he the punter, but he was the holder for Gostkowski. We saw a glimpse of Michigan Brady when he was on the field to hold for an extra point attempt. Very strange to see.

Getty Images/Elsa

Laces out Tom! Laces out.

Now the Patriots head to Denver for the AFC Championship Game, or Manning/Brady Bowl, or as I like to call it...The Night of Cold Sweats, Tossing and Turning, and Hallucinations of Plays with Different Outcomes Bowl.