I took this picture yesterday because I thought it looked like a perfect Christmas card from The Shark. Then I noticed that the plant was NOT a bough of holly. Not at all!

Train Images
Train Images

If you look closely, it's bittersweet.

Not only is this plant poisonous, it grows like wildfire all over anything it can wrap it's vines around. If you see it on any of your favorite trees or shrubs, I'd suggest cutting it and throwing it away before it completely chokes out whatever it grows upon.

It's funny, when I was a kid, this stuff was seen as a rare and wonderful vine that was prized as a rustic decoration used in wreaths. Now it seems to be everywhere and every year I have to cut it out of the crab apple trees that surround my house.

I never noticed how red the berries got this time of year. Just another example of how devious this plant is! 'Hey! Look at me at Christmas time! I'm not evil!'

Sorry bittersweet, you are evil. And next year I will cut you down AGAIN!

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