If you enjoy the day to day madness coming out of Washington DC, living and working in NH can be really interesting, because every 4 years, you get to be right in the middle of the action with our first in the nation primary. Even if you despise anything remotely political, you have to admit, having the eventual leader of the free world making you free pancakes at the Elks lodge is pretty cool.

In the summer of '07, then Sen. Obama toured our state with promises of hope and change and many of his ground game canvassers were beautiful women with clipboards and free stickers. As you can imagine, I collected quite a few stickers that summer and a couple of them remain on the left wing of my desk.

These stickers have been there for 6 years and they have superpowers. Tour groups will walk the halls of the station all the time and these stickers make perfect strangers instantly tell you their political leanings. If the person is liberal, they'll point to the sticker with approval and say something like "Alright! That's what I like to see!" I nod and smile and that's that. If the person is conservative, more often than not you'll hear "Ohh Baaaaaa Maaa?!?!" and then I spring into action. "Hey, I keep those up there because I don't want to rip into my baseball decorations...you'll notice there aren't any 2012 stickers up there right?" If this doesn't get a good response, I point to my calendar on the right wing.

My 2013 NRA calendar featuring 12 delicious animals! This will assure any conservative that I can be trusted, a few hunting stories and all is forgiven. Behold the power of venison...and BEHOLD THE POWER OF MY STICKERS!!