The Nuclear-powered attack submarine arrived in port earlier this week.

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Facebook
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Facebook

The USS Hampton has a crew of 16 officers and 124 enlisted personnel.

While at the shipyard, Hampton will undergo planned maintenance work and system certifications. It's moments like this that we get reminded of how extremely well the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is regarded as is the Navy’s center of excellence for attack submarine maintenance, repair, and modernization.

Here is more information regarding this sleek vessel. USS Hampton is the fourth ship or boat of the United States Navy to be named Hampton, however she was specifically named for four cities: Hampton, Virginia; Hampton, Iowa; Hampton, South Carolina; and Hampton, New Hampshire. Hampton was commissioned Nov. 6, 1993. Hampton is capable of supporting various missions, including anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface ship warfare, strike warfare, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

There are times when I think it would be cool to spend a week on board a sub, under the surface of the sea. But then I'm reminded of my claustrophobia tendencies.

Hampton’s host community is Hampton, New Hampshire.

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