If you haven't yet heard of 'TheRack' yet, let me tell you about this fantastic organization that helps women in transition.

Lisa James, the Founder of TheRack, got inspired when she was working with women who were working toward their recovery from addiction.  She saw first hand how much courage these women had and how grateful they were to be able to get another chance.  Lisa knew she wanted to help them even further.

Lisa began to collect "gently used" clothes for women who really needed help landing a job and wanted to look the part.  She also provided a safe place to shop, complete with COVID-19 protocols in place.  It started with professional clothes, however, it has grown to anything that a woman would want to feel better about her life an accomplishments.  As Lisa likes to say, TheRack is:

Powered BY the community FOR the community

If you are interested in donating to TheRack, contact Lisa at lisa.therack@gmail.com.  If you are interested in shopping at TheRack, use the same email address to gain access to the building, located in the New Frontiers Building at 1 Gosling Road in Portsmouth, NH.

I am happy to have found TheRack, as I have a bunch of jewelry (costume, but you never know....) that I no longer wear and I would be more than happy to donate to Lisa and this great cause.  If someone is coming out of addiction and in to recovery, that's enough of a heavy lift.  TheRack gives these women some kindness and some sweet clothes (shoes, etc.) to land the job that they need to live a healthy life and get a new start.

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