We're all back to school and looking forward to Friday Night Lights. Soon we'll be winterizing our lawn mowers and raking leaves — but what about our roofs? Are there any things smart homeowners should do to prepare for fall and winter?

That was one of the questions J. Carnes & Sons received and Jason Carnes and his sons were happy to share the answer when they visited the studio:

1) Make sure your gutters are clean. If they are clogged with debris or not functioning properly, this could cause problems if you get ice dams on your roof in the winter.

2) Evaluate whether your gutters are working properly. In general, they should be stable and water-tight, allowing water to flow off your roof and away from your home without issue.

If it's time to replace them, either because they aren't working well or because they are no longer attractive, consider getting seamless gutters with J. Carnes & Sons. They offer 5-inch and 6-inch aluminum seamless gutters — and you can pick from among more than 20 colors.

"Our water diversion techniques coupled with our premium installation methods will not only guarantee performance, but your new seamless gutter system will look aesthetically appealing and provide a beautiful detail to any home," according to J. Carnes and Sons' website. "At J. Carnes & Sons, we manufacture the gutters for your home on-site, meaning the gutters that go on your roof are customized to your home’s exact measurements."

J. Carnes & Sons also specializes in asphalt shingle roofs, low slope roofs and skylights. Whether it’s a repair or a full roof replacement with gutters and skylights, they are here to serve you and all of your roofing needs. Call them today at 603-686-7763 or visit jcarnesroofing.com!