Yesterday, the NH Lottery issued a Press Release reporting that Charles Starkey of Nottingham on a MILLION DOLLAR Powerball jackpot at the Circle K in Raymond!  I can't tell you how many times I've been to this place.  Everyone in town goes there because it's incredibly convenient and you can get Irving gas while you're there.  If only I was like Charles and bought a Powerball ticket.

It's not the first time that Raymond has been put on the map because of a lottery winner.  About two years ago, the Raymond Hannaford was in the spotlight because a woman bought the winning Powerball ticket worth $487 million dollars.  She didn't want her identity known, so the her check was delayed until the whole thing was resolved.  As it turns out, we STILL don't know who she is, but she has made many gifts to non-profit organizations in the area.  That's really all we know and I say, good for her.  It's her winnings, she can do whatever she wants.

Raymond is also in the spotlight because of Anna Harmon, Senior at Raymond High and WMUR's Hometown Hero.  In the story,  Anna says that she loves the adrenaline she gets when she runs.  She is going to be running for Boston College in the fall.  Best of luck to you, Anna!


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