Thanks to NESN's Tom Caron for calling in with another 'Red Sox Insider Report' and a very special thanks from me for agreeing that Jackie Bradley Jr.'s fielding ability is terribly overlooked.


Starting one minute into the audio above, I begin my defense of JBJ's DEFENSE and Mr. Caron's assertion that he is 'the best outfielder I've seen' is PROOF that his play in centerfield far outweighs any anemic output with his bat. (Therefore, he agrees with me, RIGHT?)

In full disclosure, his .180 batting average is the second stinkiest in all of baseball, so, Sarah's opinion is not without merit.

If you listen to Tom's input before my theatrics you'll hear just how important this next home stand is as the Sox prepare to head to the Bronx for another crucial showdown with The (hated) New York Yankees.

I can't wait to hear Tom Caron's official insider preview of that HUGE three game set, and that will happen just ONE week from today RIGHT HERE on The New Shark Morning Show with Sarah and A-Train at 7:45AM!

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