Ray's Marina closed in 2012, but the site could now see some activity once again.

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There will soon be a public hearing regarding an application to bring to the renovated property two restaurants.

I'm psyched to hear this, as I think that's a great location. I'm a big fan of waterfront restaurants. You just can't be the ambiance.

One of the restaurants would be 'China Pond', which is currently next to the Cumberland Farms across the street. The owner of 'China Pond' has submitted an application that would renovate the former marina into 2 restaurants.

In an article at Fosters.com:

According to Milton Land Use Clerk Dana Smith, Nie has not presented the town with any additional information as to which type of restaurant besides China Pond would move in, or if they would be using the existing boat dock.

The public hearing and application review is scheduled for Tuesday, April 5, at 6:30 at Milton Town Hall.


The ride through Milton along the water is one of my favorites. To have a couple of destination restaurants would add to the trip.


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