According to, a young boy named Ryder from Rhode Island, uses a wheelchair and waits outside for his bus to pick him up for school. Ryder’s dad Tim noticed that the 5-year-old would get soaked when it was raining out and freeze in the Winter! Tim tried to fix the problem by using an old patio umbrella. It worked to keep Ryder dry until the wind blew, proving to not be the greatest solution.

Tim reached out to the community to see if they had any better ideas!  Dan McKena, who’s been teaching construction at Westerly High School for 27 years, had an awesome suggestion:

Building a bus stop for Ryder could be a project for his high school students. It fits the construction curriculum of his course AND it would be helping someone. Sounds like a win win to me!

With Tim's blessing Mr. McKena and his class got to work!

Word caught on about this good deed and their local Home Depot store wanted to get involved. They donated $300 worth of wood to help build the bus stop.

A few weeks ago a student delivered Ryder’s new bus stop hut to their house and it completely surpassed Tim’s expectations.

Not only is it completely ADA compliant, it has a window and a light and it large enough for both Ryder and his nurse or dad to comfortably fit inside.

The five year is completely obsessed with it and why shouldn’t he be? It’s like having his very own fort! His dad says Ryder wants to hang out in there all the time even when he’s not waiting for the bus.

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