On weekend mornings, I go wherever the sidewalk leads and yesterday's journey wound past my Alma Mater of sorts, Chamberlain Street School (Class of '86).

Train Images
Train Images

I thought this message was very sweet and long after I turned around and headed back home, I thought about how much went on in the world during that one unforgettable scholastic year that I spent as a 'Charger'.

Horrendous tragedies like the death of Celtics draft pick Len Bias and the unfathomable Space Shuttle Challenger disaster that claimed the life of Concord NH teacher Christa McAuliffe and the six other crew members.

I remember a few of our teachers crying during the ill-fated broadcast. I had never seen that before.

The Boston sports scene was unlike any other to that point as The New England Patriots made it all the way to The Super Bowl. The Celtics were arguably the best basketball team ever and won their 16th Championship.

I have pity for the students of 2020 as they are missing out on months of memories both good and bad. But, I'm sure that their experiences in this current strange time in history will be as unique to them as my 'Wonder Year' at Chamberlain was to me.

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