In a short amount of time, the industry has grown to become larger than blueberries, maple syrup, apples, elvers, herring and oysters – combined.

Marijuana is big business in Vacationland. According to the Portland Press Herald, last year, Mainers bought more than $111.6 million of legal medical cannabis. That astonishing number power moves the industry to number three in the state. The only two outranking cannabis are Maine’s $485 million lobster market, and its $167 million potato crop.

Buying cannabis has certainly become easier. According to Portland Press Herald, consumers no longer have to provide proof of a qualifying medical condition to obtain a medical marijuana card, and the cost of obtaining certification as a patient has declined sharply. While only 30 towns have embraced adult-use sales, Mainers are still finding it easy to buy their marijuana at one of Maine’s 250 caregiver-run medical shops, per activist Dawson Julia of Unity.

From here, the sky is the limit. According to Portland Press Herald, the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy hopes to issue its first adult-use cannabis business licenseswithin the next few months.


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