This past Thursday, my stepson, Wesley, had a sharp pain on his right side and he had Googled the symptoms.  (don't we all do that now?)  He had all the classic symptoms, so off we went to the Emergency Room at the Elliot in Manchester.

The place was PACKED when we got there at about 8:30 pm on Thursday.  There were people sleeping in chairs and one woman said she had been there for FOUR HOURS.  From that experience, I bring you.... 3 ABSOLUTE MUST HAVES when waiting in the ER:

1.  A Phone Charger.  They have TV's in the waiting room, but we have become so obsessed with getting exactly what we want with our entertainment the moment we want it through our smart phones, that thing is going to run out of battery.  Not only that, but your family will want to know what's going on, so bring your charger.

2.  Sanitizing Wipes.  Yes, there is sanitizing lotion everywhere at the hospital, but I guarantee you, there will be something that you'll have to touch (door handles, arm chair rests, buttons on the snack machine) and you won't want to given the amount of coughing and weezing that happens in a crowded ER.  Wipe those things down with sanitizing wipes.

3.  Snacks & Water.  I keep granola bars in my pocketbook for these occasions, but I usually end up eating them.  If you don't have anything to eat however, there are snack machines OR, the cafeteria is open from 1 - 3am.  Yes, I was there and awake for that long.

BIG shout out to Dr. Elizabeth Soukup who was amazing!!  Thank you and everyone at the Elliot.  We were informed the entire way and had, despite the circumstances, a great experience.   She should win a Harper Avery.  :)  #greysanatomy






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