Lucy the cat has quite the story… the kind that movies are made about. Somehow, this cute little fur-ball managed to stowaway in a car that traveled all the way from Charleston, South Carolina to Falmouth, Maine. According to News Center Maine, Lucy hitched a ride with her family’s next door neighbor, Myra Wilson, who drove to Falmouth for her yearly summer vacation two weeks ago on June 25th. When she arrived, she discovered the calico cat had been a silent passenger during the entire trip of over a thousand miles.

Wilson told Katie Bavoso from News Center Maine that she didn't recognize Lucy at first, and thought it was a cat from the Falmouth neighborhood. When Wilson finally figured it out, Lucy was long gone.

After an extensive search which involved the Homeless Animal Rescue Team (HART) and Maine Lost Cat Recovery, Lucy was captured in one of the trap cages that was set for her near the area where she went missing, as per News Center Maine. Now, the HART organization is determined to get Lucy home to her owners, Michael and Meredith Welch. This could involve one of their transport teams or someone who may be flying from Maine to South Carolina.

However the reunion happens, we will keep you updated.


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