There is a really fun place to take the entire family even if you're not a big fan Halloween.

Spooky World, a/k/a Nightmare New England in Litchfield has something for everyone!  And, don't worry - the actors are there to give you a little bit of a scare, but if you or especially your little ones get too frightened, they will back off.  We talked to Michael Accomando from Spooky World and he assures us that he just wants everyone to have fun and MAN, it really sounds like a blast!  There's a restaurant too where you can sit down, get some food and drink - just chill while others might want to explore the rest of the expansive property in Litchfield.

Spooky World, a/k/a Nightmare New England has been a part of this area's Halloween celebration for 26 years and there are so many people who make this a yearly tradition!  Maybe this year, you'll be brave enough to join them for LIGHTS OUT this Saturday!

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