This is a tragic story that won't have a happy ending no matter who gets punished.

The Union Leader is reporting that last February, three young men, aged 21, 21 and 20 went in to the Jade Palace in Stratham and each ordered three Zombies in the span of an hour and 15 minutes.  After the "men" left the restaurant, they got in to an accident in Kensington where they were ejected from the car and all three died.

The report goes on to say that the case was initially investigated as negligent homicide, with one of the boys as the suspect, but after he died too, the State charged the restaurant owner.

How horrible, horrible, horrible for the families of these boys.  (I know - they're over 18 and are supposed to be adults, but c'mon - they were young boys.)  A Zombie is an incredibly strong drink, even for seasoned drinkers.  The story says that the three boys all tested above the limit for intoxication for alcohol.

Testimony is expected to continue today.

My heart breaks for these families and whomever gets punished, it won't bring the boys back.  I know that's what they really want.


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