An ice cold beer after an intense workout? YES PLEASE! Supplemental Brewing has developed a couple of beers for fitness fanatics! Brewtein and Nutribeer.

Brewtein has 7G protein, 13G carbs, 5% alcohol and 178 calories. Nutribeer contains 4G protein, 7G carbs, 4% alcohol and 122 calories.

So you bulk up with Brewtein and cut calories and lose weight with Nutribeer.

The bad news is that the beer is not available to the public. They have started a Kickstarter campaign. They have over 5 grand so far, the goal is $40,000 and there is 30 days left, so if you want a fitness friendly beer, help them out. Here is a video explaining everything you need to know about Supplemental Brewing and their beers.

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