Yes, this really happened and thanks to YouTube, you can see their performance at The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom.

Ah the magical summer of 2013.

Wouldn't you know it The Shark had last minute tickets to give away to this show and it was supposed to be a secret that the Winnacunnet Chamber Singers would be doing a one night only performance with Foreigner.

Of course, since it was Foreigner at The HBCB, it sold out quickly. The only remaining tickets on the entire planet were on a crudely scrawled guest list hanging on a clipboard in The Shark Tank.

Since a few parents of the WHS Chamber Singers didn't get their tickets in time, I made sure a couple of those tickets went to family members of the backup singers.

This video is further evidence of how great the sound is at The HBCB, this is recorded off stage left with what should be an uneven mix of monitors, amps and the house PA, not to mention crowd noise, but it's 10,000 times better than the quality of any plastic cassette bootleg concert that I had back in the days of boom boxes.

I didn't realize how much I missed live shows until the very end of the song (5:23), the Casino crowd erupts in applause and then even louder when Kelly Hansen gives thanks to the Winnacunnet Chamber Singers for doing such a great job.

It's tough to say when we'll ever be able to enjoy a show such as this again, hopefully sooner than later, but even though it makes you miss those times, it is fun to look back on how good things were and how we didn't realize how good we had it.

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