On the eve of Election Day, here's my rant on what I believe are the 3 most difficult things about heading to the polls in the Granite State.

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3. Aggressive Nosy Ballot Takers

After I've made my selections, I walk out of the voting booth, (just a few yards away) with my one open page of a ballot and then have to hand it to a volunteer who runs it through the automated ballot box.

About half the time, the volunteer will flip my ballot over in plain view of the entire room and feed the machine EVER SO SLOWLY. Everybody there sees who I have voted for!

2. The Gauntlet

There is ALWAYS a group of supporters outside the voting facility. I have voted in every possible election since I turned 18 , and, though I've never had anyone say anything more than a cheerful 'Hello!',  walking through any gauntlet with people staring at you freaks me out.

1. Declaring

Tomorrow's primaries make it mandatory that you have to 'declare' your political party.

If the volunteer is smooth about it, this isn't a problem. On some occasions they give you the correct ballot without making you loudly utter to the world that signifies that you disagree with half the population.

On most occasions, you have to say your political affiliation 'OUT LOUD" and, if you're as paranoid as I am, this is horrifying.

Basically, my biggest gripe is that voting isn't the secret process that we were always told it was. It is for this reason that I always vote and ALWAYS wear my sticker proudly.

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