Twelve electric NFL seasons in New England are certainly difficult to summarize in just one tweet, but I think our 'Voice From The Booth', Bob Socci, did it best on the retirement of Julian Edelman.

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Wonderfully put Bob!

It blows my mind when I think that Edelman came here originally as a seventh round draft pick Quarterback from Kent State.

Is there anymore of a dead end gig than being a Quarterback from an FBS program and your primary focus is to unseat Tom Brady from his position?

I think I'd have said, 'Thanks, but no thanks.' and maybe tried my hand in the Canadian Football League or perhaps, Arena Football.

Not our beloved 'Squirrel'.

He worked his 'tail' off at camp in a new position, and sure enough, started 7 games as a receiver his rookie year and amazingly enough, caught 37 passes and gained in excess of 350 yards in the process.

Instead of taking Brady's job, he took fellow receiver Wes Welker's on special teams and became a phenomenal punt returner. And thankfully for The Patriots, he kept that job right through his last Championship season.

Oh, and by the way, he was Super Bowl MVP that year as well.

Again, It's impossible to fully do justice to his incredible career and I've been rattling the keyboard for awhile now.

Bob Socci did it in just one tweet!

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