This storm is the biggest dud that I've seen in a long time.  The forecast before today predicted 20" of snow, so everyone went out to the grocery store, as people always do and clean the shelves of all the bread.  All the refrigerators are cleaned out of eggs and milk.  Check out a few of these snow totals according to WMUR, no one even came close:
Exeter -- 6 inches
Hudson -- 6 inches
Merrimack -- 6 inches
Rochester -- 6 inches
Nashua -- 5.9 inches
Greenland -- 5.6 inches
Goffstown -- 5.5 inches
Hampton -- 5.5 inches
Raymond -- 5 inches
Concord -- 4.5 inches
Jefferson -- 4 inches

I know the meteorologists did the best they could according to all the information that they had, but I was looking forward to the 20" of the white stuff.  I had my whole day centered around building snow igloos and eating snow cones,  but by the time I got up and out, it was nothing but ice.

The Monday morning commute is still going to be a slick one, so be careful out there!  Many people have already cancelled, so you might just be able to stay home!

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