I’ve lived in New England for all but ten of my 40 years. But this is the first I’m hearing about our lesser-known NFL team, the Boston Bobcats.

A woman in Nashville was the one to break the silence. It’s almost as if she’s from another dimension, or an alternate reality. In this timeline, are the Bobcats owned by the Sullivan family? Did they move to Salem, New Hampshire, in the early '80s with the Celtics and Bruins?

Or did they score a new stadium on the Boston Waterfront when the Patriots moved out of Connecticut? Has newly-retired Montreal Expos catcher Tom Brady’s standup comedy career made him the heir-apparent to Bob Uecker?

Perhaps she came here through a portal out of Stephen King’s greatest (but underrated) novel. What if she linked up with the Northeast DeLorean club to time travel and alter fate?

Or, maybe she was just guessing badly in a video that’s since gone viral, where in the Tennessee Titans captured a number of (very) casual fans in Nashville trying their best to identify logos…and doing their worst.

It’s easy to shame, as I can’t recall many (if any) instances of bobcats being spotted in or around Boston. That said, I haven’t seen a ton of bruins taking the T, either.

But in case you’re looking to have some fun and prank a friend, here are Eight Great Names for Made-Up New England Sports Teams:

  • The Maine Abiders of Speed Limits
  • The Wellesley Manual Laborers
  • The Revere Beach Peace
  • The Hampton Beach Quiet
  • The Vermont Young Conservatives
  • The Vermont Old Conservatives
  • The South Boston Designated Drivers
  • The Devil Monkeys of Danville

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