As of right now, I am in sole possession of Fourth Place on The U Pick Em Leader Board. I have a terrible confession to make as to how I got here.

Sarah Sullivan Photo

The photo above captures Hugh from Eliot Small Engine and myself 'Team Hugh' right in the middle of our latest attempt at predicting another heartbreaking football pick.

Since September, we've only won one single game (3-8 record overall).

The entire universe seems to hinge and swing backwards upon our every pick.

David beats Goliath, red turns blue, dogs and cats living together, TOTAL CHAOS.

As a lifelong gambler, I know all too well the familiar sinking feeling that accompanies an epic losing streak such as this, and for about seven weeks, I've profited off it.

Yes folks, I pick the other team every time.

The majority of U Pick Em contestants have agreed with 'Team Hugh' and I've won against them every time except once. That's a 12 Game bounce in the standings!

Sarah Photo Credit

Loyal, unsuspecting Hugh. Seen above, dutifully protecting my blind side with a margarita. The guilt of my evil method has become too much to endure.

But not enough for me to not pick against us again tomorrow! Let's go for 3-9!