Some people know that I am very much in to painting and art of all kinds.  On my days off (ha!) I am known to take an easel and throw paint at it and see what happens.  It's very therapeutic for me to see the colors mix with one another - if I'm in that kind of mood or to bring light out of a dark canvas.  Depends on my mood.

That's why I am super pumped that the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, from their website, is having a Monet exhibit beginning on November 15th, 2020 entitled, "Monet and Boston."

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is celebrating 150 years and they have been collecting Monet's paintings since the 19th century, according to their website.  To bring all of them together, 35 of them to be exact, is the chance of a lifetime.

All the tickets are sold out for the month of November.  I've already looked.

However, you can try to get tickets for December, but don't rush to the website quite yet.  You have to wait until November 19, 2020 at 10am.  (The 18th if you are a member.)

Of course, the Museum is following strict guidelines for social distancing, with only a certain number of people entering.  Once you are in the museum, you are welcome to stay as long as you like.

I am an impressionist fan.  Monet was certainly the first that I fell in love with, along with Manet.  I have three John Singer Sargent prints in my house and one Sorolla poster from when I went to London and happened across an exhibit.  I just love the way impressionist paintings can draw you in to wherever they are taking you.  Some look like nothing from close up, but from far away, you could just walk right in to the scene.

See you at the MFA.  With a mask.  From a distance.

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