Known locally as 'The Death Star' this looming presence seemed to be around every corner and as a Patriots fan, it freaked me out.

Train Images
Train Images

Allegiant Stadium

Much like 'The Death Star', which was also being constructed during 'Return Of The Jedi', I fear that this stadium will be fully functional when next football season arrives.*

I'm also quite fearful that The Las Vegas Raiders are hell bent on turning TB 12 to 'The Dark Side' once he is a free agent.

Not only are there rumors of multi-year megabucks but ownership in the team as well.

How is anybody supposed to compete with that offer?

Sadly, I'm 'willing to bet' that Las Vegas will put forth the bid that ultimately steals Brady from New England (he's a free agent, but still) and that feeling of dread I felt all last week whenever I looked at that stadium, will have been warranted.

* I totally ripped this line off The Emperor

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