Ah yes! The Conference Championship edition of 'U Pick Em'! We are all SO PETRIFIED to jinx The Patriots that we only pick the NFC Game in a very suspenseful manner.

Tracey Photo Credit
Tracey Photo Credit

With A Coin Flip!

And of course, just like the 2018 season championship, Team Sarah wins again.

Our selection of 'Tails' was wrong so they got to pick the game first, meaning 'Team Train' would be stuck with whatever squad was left out in the cold.

Team Sarah Picks: New Orleans

Jacob is sticking with the hot hand of future Hall of fame QB Drew Brees and his Saints as they were the team that ultimately put 'Team Sarah' over the top last week. Ah, the thrill of victory.

Sarah agrees because she 'loves Jambalaya' and if you've followed us all year, you know that seemingly random statement means that Team Sarah will win and Team Train will lose.

Team Train Picks: L A Rams

We had to. We lost the coin flip.

Congrats to Team Sarah though, as a 15-4 record is very impressive to say the least. Any other year, Team Train's 12-7 record would be a pretty good effort.

Thanks to Hugh from Eliot Small Engine for making the majority of our winning picks.

See you all on February 1st!

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