The 2017 NFL Draft starts tonight in Philly and if you're a Pats fan, you probably don't care all that much, not about tonight anyway.

For the second year in a row the Patriots don't have a first round draft pick. You may remember they were forced to relinquish last years first round selection due to the 'Deflategate' punishment, how'd that work out NFL?

This year they don't have a first round pick because they traded it to New Orleans for a spectacular wide receiver named Brandin Cooks.

In fact, the Pats don't have a second round selection either, traded it to Carolina for defensive lineman, Kony Ealy.

The Patriots don't have a draft pick until the 3rd round, pick 8, 72 overall. They also possess the 32nd pick of round 3 which is 96 overall.

In the fourth round they have selection 25 which is 132 overall. Round 5 is pick 40, 183 overall. Round 6, they get number 16 or 200 overall, and finally round 7 where they have the 239th overall pick in the draft.

The Patriots have 6 total draft picks this weekend, of course that's if they don't make any moves.

Honestly, I think if the Pats just sat this draft out, they'd still win Super Bowl 52.


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