You know who I have mad respect for? People who fish! It takes a great deal of patience and skill. And the real professionals always seems to know the exact amount of beer they will need for a day out on the boat. #GodsWork

Ice fisherman might be even cooler because that sport takes a certain amount of grit. ANYONE can give fishing a try on a gorgeous 80 degree day when they can simultaneously get a tan. But ice fishermen want a challenge! Their idea of fun is hanging out on the middle of a frozen lake on a 10 degree day and cutting a hole in the ice just to see what happens.

If you've been following my adventures since I moved to New Hampshire, I have been on a quest to embrace the great outdoors. Steven and I have hiked several mountains in Maine and New Hampshire. I am currently learning how to ski. So, becoming a fisherwoman seems like the next logical hobby to tackle. (Get it? Tackle box!) I've only gone fishing with my dad a handful of times. Unfortunately I am plagued by seasickness. Once that kicks in I am not much fun to be around. The only thing that helps me is Dramamine. Whenever I take it I am barely affected by the motion of the ocean. (no, this is not an ad)

I'd love to embrace fishing more because I can only imagine the thrill when you feel a  tug on your line. You start to reel it in and you are STRUGGLING because whatever is on the other end of that line is a monstah. You might need a bigger boat. (haha Jaws humor)

A few years ago we asked our listeners to show off their most impressive catches and there were so many great ones, I decided to bring them back!

People from NH Show Off Their Monster Fish Catches

Feel free to share a photo of your biggest catch in the comments!

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