Season 24 began last night with thirteen stars, icons, legends and some familiar faces from New England sports history. Who will win it all? Who will be eliminated next week? Find out right here!

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The Season 24 Mirror Ball Champion: Simone Biles

The four time Olympic Gold Medalist for Gymnastics will add another trophy to her already impressive resume when Season 24 ends later this spring. I 'calls 'em as I sees 'em' and I can't see anyone on this cast taking the championship away from her.

The Season 24 First Elimination: Chris Kattan

This is nowhere near as easy a choice as the previous prediction. However, my prediction process consists solely of trying to think like a person who not only watches DWTS but also takes the extra step to vote.

I just don't see the demographics working out in his favor. The very young and the very old will most likely have NO CLUE what this 'Night At The Roxbury' dance is all about and I'm afraid Mr. Kattan will be left out in the cold next week.

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BONUS PICTURE: Boston Red Sox 2013 World Series Champion David Ross

Yes, that is the ex-Red Sox catcher wearing a SEQUINED Cubs jersey. Hey, he was almost personally responsible for the Game 5 World Series victory four years ago, so I shall cut him some slack and end my commentary right here.