This story came out a few days ago and I've been a liiiiittle obsessed with the thought of this cafe opening ever since.  Two of my favorite things in the entire world, cats and coffee are going to exist in one adorable delicious mix, but I have to wait for the place to open?  This won't be easy for me.

According to a story in the Union Leader, Kaitlyn Ferretti is planning to open a cafe that will have a mix of hot drinks, baked goods and lots of purring cats!  Are you kidding me?  The Tipsy Tabby is going to be at 90 Main Street in Newmarket, the building that Kaitlyn and her husband purchased for the cafe.  She can't open fast enough for me, but the article says that she expects maybe the end of this month or sometime in April if she gets all the permits she needs.

The cats in the cafe will also be up for adoption.  Kaitlyn said that she was excited for these cats to find their forever home.

I could not love this project more.

I am one of the people that Kaitlyn was talking about in the article.  I can't have cats right now because my husband is allergic and I badly want one.  This place will give me the opportunity to visit without all the sneezing in my house.
I'm already planning my days around the opening.  Who needs breweries when you have a cat cafe in your future?  Life. Is. Good.
In the meantime, I suppose I can just continue to watch cat videos on YouTube, like this one:

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