I have always been infatuated with pigs since I read the book "Charlotte's Web" and took a liking to Wilbur. I started collecting pig stuffed animals and always dreamed that I would have a pet pig someday. Unfortunately, though my two bedroom apartment in Portsmouth is often a pigsty (ba dum chhh), it is not exactly pig-friendly. So, my pig owning days are being put on hold.

The New Hampshire SPCA has made me consider smuggling a pig into my apartment over the years.

First their was Rosie: 

then there was Penny Jo:

& her bestie Topanga:

The newest pig on the block that is making my heart flutter is Belle:


According the NH SPCA website, Belle is a three-year-old spayed pot bellied pig who loves to snuggle under a big pile of blankets! Belle was formerly an indoor pig who has transitioned to barn life quite well. She loves to roam the barn isle and is a social butterfly. Her special talents include chewing while walking and being adorable.

The NH SPCA posted this adorable video of Belle on Facebook and the internet went wild. I don't love when my coworkers chew their food loudly like that, but Belle is so cute she can get away with it.
If you know anyone who is willing to open their home/barn to a sassy pig with a big personality, urge them to contact the NH SPCA directly at info@nhspca.org.

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