There is nothing like having a home on the ocean.  There is something in our DNA as humans that connects us to the water.  If I had 2.9 mil in the bank, this house in Hampton, from, listed under Carey and Giampa, Realtors, LLC / Rye, would be MINE.  LOOK at the view you would have from your bedroom.  Imagine waking up to this!


Couldn't you just see yourself looking out onto this view with a fruity drink in your hand?  OH!


Or, how about entertaining on a deck like this?  Notice the firepit?


I recall from my real estate classes, beachfront property does not exist anymore to develop.  It is all been purchased.  That's the way it goes when you only have a wee bit of coastline, like NH does.

Lakes are also beautiful.  Take a look at the real estate in Wolfeboro or Moultonborough, NH.  That's not oceanside, but who wouldn't want to live in the houses on Lake Winnipesaukee??

Some people are definitively ocean or lake people.  I'm a cancer, so anything around water is for me.  Where are the papers to sign?  I'm in!


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